Living forever change so many life’s my story’s begin

    I grow up in a little family I learnt how to struggle and in achieving what I want to be is to keep fighting, I learnt how to be focus because that is the only way you can reached your destiny, I never had the opportunity to eat on the dining table, never had d opportunity to eat with a spoon my mum the beautiful woman I ever known fill my heart with poems when she give me rice without a spoon to eat with with sauce to add to it just to give it taste non she sit with me on the floor smiling as ever speechless with tears on dropping that sweet smile with tears and soft voice of hers all I can feel is a love which she can’t express but words and expression when she said silver and gold have nor but you are my diamonds i can’t give out for exchange non can I give for replacement you are my eyes my body and soul, you are d reason I lives I feel your inconfortable I feel d pains you go through that I brought you into this life just to feel my pains but it is not my doing I wish you are born in the palace where you have all in a platter of gold than I smile and say to her mum I love u to live and if this pains with you even without no shelter makes me strong I might be a princess yes I am you princess don’t worry about me I am fine mum I will eat the food like no one as ever do in lifetime just to put smile on her sometime I don’t even have that to eat for a very longtime that day I ate it was my Christmas Day so I am happy to be a daughter because she is my gold a golden heart as a mother growing up in this situation makes me strong today I am a strong woman happy and I said to my mum I lived with you while growing up now you are going to live with till you get old with a stick on you I am going to take care of you as a Queen you are my beautiful queen the little princess is a grown strong woman.